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To be the leading academic society that advances the field of continuing education and professional development in the health professions in the best interests of clinicians, patients, and communities. 


Through leadership and collaboration, we foster scholarship in CPD/CE to advance:

  • Health Equity
  • Practice and Value of CPD/CE
  • Clinician Practice and Wellbeing
  • Patient Care and Health of the Public


Through a culture of belonging that fosters equity and diversity in its membership activities, the Society is committed to the following guiding principles.

  1. Advance the theory and evidence to improve continuing education of clinicians, educators, and researchers. 
  2. Study the planning, implementation, and evaluation of continuing education programs and activities. 
  3. Collaborate to solve complex challenges facing leaders, clinicians, educators, and researchers in the field of continuing education. 
  4. Support scholarship and dissemination of continuing education, including discovery, integration, application, and teaching. 
  5. Guide the development of an interprofessional infrastructure necessary to improve continuing education to better serve patient care. 
  6. Address the full range of professional competencies required for excellence in clinical practice and education.

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