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Recognition and Awards


SACME members are eligible to receive various awards and grants. The winners of these awards and grants are listed on this page.  For more information, including selection criteria or application procedures, see SACME Research Grants; JCEHP Award and Committees.

Distinguished Service in Continuing Medical Education

Given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to continuing medical education over an extended period (Fifteen years or more is the suggested guide), or who has developed an outstanding innovation in continuing medical education representing an important advance in CME.

2022: Don Moore, PhD
2021: Mary Turco, EdD

2020: Joyce Fried
2019: Julie White, MS, CHCP
2018: David Price, PhD
2017: Curtis Olson, PhD 
2016: Moss Blachman, PhD
2015:  Nancy Davis, PhD
2014:  Barbara Barnes, MD, MS
2013:  Leanne Andreasen, MBA
2012:  no recipient named
2011:  Jack R. Kues, PhD
2010:  Paul Mazmanian, PhD
2009:  Dave Davis, MD
2008:  R. Van Harrison, PhD
2007:  Dale Dauphinee, MD
2006:  Gloria Allington, MSEd
2005:  Nancy Bennett, PhD
2004:  Dennis Wentz, MD
2003:  Robert J. Cullen, PhD
2002:  Ruth M. Glotzer, MEd
1997-2001:  no recipients named
1996:  George T. Smith, MD, MS
1995:  Martin D. Shickman, MD
1994:  Julian S. ("Dutch") Reinschmidt, MD
1993:  Phil R. Manning, MD
1992:  Malcolm S.M. Watts, MD

Dave Davis Research in Continuing Medical Education Award

Beginning in 2013, SACME has renamed this award the Dave Davis Research in CME Award.  Given to an individual or group of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to research in continuing medical education.

2022: David Wiljer, PhD
2021: Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD, MHPE

2020: Suzanne Murray
2019: Vernon Curran, PhD

2018: Ronald Cervero, MA, PhD
2017: Betsy White Williams, PhD
2016: Craig Campbell, MD
2015:  no recipient named
2014:  Curtis Olson, PhD
2013:  David A. Davis, MD
2012:  no recipient named
2011:  Don Moore, PhD
2010:  Ed Dellert, MBA and CHEST
2009:  Joan Sargeant, PhD
2008:  Jacqueline Wakefield, MD
2007:  no recipient named
2006:  Paul Mazmanian, PhD
2005:  Karen Mann, MD
2004:  Linda Casebeer, PhD
2003:  R. Van Harrison, PhD
2002:  John T. Parboosingh, MD
1996-2001:  no recipients named
1995:  Jocelyn M. Lockyer, PhD
1994:  Robert D. Fox, EdD
1993:  David A. Davis, MD
1992:  no recipient named 

JCEHP Award for Excellence in Research

For over ten years, an award of $1,000 has been awarded annually to the best original research paper published in JCEHP, the official journal of SACME, the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, and the Association for Hospital Medical Education. This award recognizes and encourages superior original research and scholarship in the field of continuing education in the health professions. Below are the recipients since 1995, many of whom are SACME members.

Cicutto, L, Dingae, MB, Langmack, EL Improving Asthma Care in Rural Primary Care Practices: A Performance Improvement Project

Durning, SJ, Ratcliffe T, Artino AR Jr., et al How is clinical reasoning developed, maintained, and objectively assessed? Views from expert internists and internal medicine interns

Karwoski, J Revisiting the educationally influential physician: Development of a simplified nomination form

Shaw, T  Impact on clinical behavior of face-to-face continuing medical education blended with online spaced education: a randomized controlled trial

Sargeant, J Development and Testing of a Scale to Assess Interprofessional Education (IPE) Facilitation Skills

Laprise, R, Improved cardiovascular prevention using best CME practices: a randomized trial

Kane GM. Step-by-step: a model for practice-based learningJ Contin Educ Health Prof 2007 Fall;27(4):220-6.  Full Text

Harrison RV, Standiford C, Green L, Bernstein S. Integrating education into primary care quality and cost improvement at an academic medical centerJ Contin Educ Health Prof 2006;26(4):268–284.  Full Text

Lockyer JM, Fidler H, Hogan DB, Pereles L, Wright B, Lebeuf C, Gerritsen C.Assessing outcomes through congruence of course objectives and reflective work. JCEHP 2005; 25(2):76-86.  Full Text 

White MI, Grzybowski S, Broudo M. Commitment to change instrument enhances program planning, implementation, and evaluationJCEHP2004Summer;24(3):153-62.  Full Text

Wakefield J, Herbert CP, Maclure M, Dormuth C, Wright JM, Legare J, Brett-MacLean P, Premi J. Commitment to change statements can predict actual change in practiceJCEHP. 2003;23(2):81-93.  Full Text 

Casebeer L, Bennett N, Kristofco R, Carillo A, Centor R. Physician Internet medical information seeking and on-line continuing education use patterns.JCEHP. 2002(1);22:33-42.  Full Text 

Tipping J, Donahue J, Hannah E. Value of unstructured time (breaks) during formal continuing medical education eventsJCEHP 2001;21(2):90-96.  Full Text

Grzybowski S, Lirenman D, White MI. Identifying educational influentials for formal and informal continuing medical education in the province of British Columbia. JCEHP 2000(2);20:85-90.  Full Text

Campbell C, Parboosingh J, Gondocz T, Babitskaya G, Pham B. Study of the factors influencing the stimulus to learning recorded by physicians keeping a learning portfolioJCEHP 1999;19(1):16-24.  Full Text 

Broclain D, Nivet-Carre D, Barbot J, Nory F, Bardelay G. Quasi-experimental study on the effectiveness of the readers' test in the medical journal La Revue PrescrireJCEHP 1998;18(1):47-57.  Full Text

Toews J, Lockyer J, Warnica W, Morgan J, Dawson J, Churchill-Smith T. A model continuing medical education program on congestive heart failure: An analysis
JCEHP 1997;17(2):106-113.  Full Text 

Mann KV, Lindsay EA, Putnam RW, Davis DA. Increasing physician involvement in cholesterol-lowering practicesJCEHP 1996;16(4):225-240.  Full Text 

Jennett PA, Scott SM, Atkinson MA, Crutcher RA, Hogan DB, Elford RW, MacCannell KL, Baumber JS. Patient charts and physician office management decisions: chart audit and chart stimulated recallJCEHP 1995;15(1):31-39.   Full Text 

Fox Award for Best Research Presentation

The Fox Award honors the research of Dr. Robert D. Fox, University of Oklahoma, who has contributed greatly to the literature in the field of professional continuing education. Established in 2001, the Fox Award has been presented to the SACME member whose RICME abstract is judged the best, with respect to its methodology and impact on the profession.

2022 Sanjeev Sockalingam and Sophie Soklaridis
2021 Sharisse Arnold Rehring
2015 Curt Olson and Sanjeev Sockalingam
2014 Tanya Horsley and William Rayburn 
2013 Betsy Williams and Harold Kessler
2012 Heather MacNeill
2010-2011 no recipients named
2009 Michael Allen
2008 Jocelyn Lockyer
2007 Todd Dorman
2006 Craig Campbell
2005 Joan Sargeant
2004 Tara Kennedy
2003 Michael Fordis
2002 Jacqueline Wakefield
2001 Michael Allen

SACME Award for Best Young Researcher

The SACME Award for Best Young Researcher is presented to the individual whose RICME presentation at a SACME Meeting is judged the best with respect to its methodology and impact on the profession. Residents and researchers presenting within the first three years in the field are eligible for this award. 

2022 Tharshini Jeyakumar and Inaara Karsan
2021 Morag Paton
2020 Morag Paton
2019 Dillon Welindt

Other Awards

2022: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to
2021: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Tym Peters and Asha Maharaj
2016: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Deborah Samuel, Ginny Jacobs
2016: Unsung Hero Award presented to Tym Peters, Greg Vannette
2015: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Mila Kostic
2015: Unsung Hero Award presented to Joyce Fried and Pam McFadden
2014: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Edeline Mitton, MEd and Moss Blachman, PhD
2012: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Lois Colburn

SACME Research Grants

SACME Research Grants are awarded through a grant application process.  For more specifics, please see the SACME Grants page.



Project Title


 2021/2022  Francesca Luconi McGill Hill University  Building resilience and well-being in primary care during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic: A case-study in continuing professional development  Manning Award

 Mahan Kulasegaram University of Toronto

 Supporting Self-Directed Learning and Transfer through Testing in CME  Manning Award
 2017/2018  Sanjeev Sockalingam and David Wiljer University of Toronto Data and Lifelong Learning (LLL): Understanding Cultural Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing and Using Clinical Performance Data to Support Continuing Professional Development (CPD)   Manning Award
Fahad Alam
Sunnybrook Health Services Centre
Impact of acute care physician’s age on crisis management performance and learning after simulation-based education  Manning Award 
Moshe Feldman
Practice Based Learning to Achieve System Based Practice: An Interprofessional CE Model and Toolbox for Planned Practice Change   Manning Award
Joan Sargeant
Dalhousie University
Performance feedback to inform self-assessment and guide practice improvement: Developing and testing a feedback facilitation model  Manning Award
Heather Armson University of Calgary Practice reflections by family physicians participating in three three different practice based learning programs: Are there differences in commitment-to-change statements? Manning Award
2006 Marisa Finlay McMaster University Breast cancer survivors and CME in health advocacy small grant
2005 Kevin Eva McMaster University Examining the problem with experience: Does practice make physicians more susceptible to premature closure? small grant
2004 Onil Bhattacharyya University of Toronto Overcoming barriers to diabetes guideline management in remote aboriginal communities small grant
2004 Barbara Barnes University of Pittsburgh Improving the discussion and atribution of adverse events and medical errors: an interactive case conference Manning Award
2004 Gary Sibbald University of Toronto  Simultaneous use of telemedicine for patient care and continuing education rounds in dermatology small grant
2004 Sonya Lawson Virginia Commonwealth University Use of PDAs in reflection and learning practice large grant
 2003 Gabrielle Kane
University of Toronto
Examining the impact of change on professional practice small grant
2003 Stephanie Giberson University of Manitoba Facilitating physician learning community development [sic] small grant
2002 Joan Sargeant Dalhousie University Physicians' attitudes toward participating in accredited CME programs on the Internet large grant
2001 Jocelyn Lockyer
University of Calgary
Qualitative evaluation of small group learning small grant
Yvonne Coyle University of Texas
Assessing physician clinical performance outcome in highly motivated learners Manning Award
2000 Jack Kues
University of Cincinnati
The value of formal CME: Physician perception [SACME Research Collaborative] Manning Award
1999 Michael Allen
Dalhousie University
Videoconferencing for problem-based small group learning large grant
1998 Jonathan Hellman
University of Toronto
[mentorship] small grant
1997 David Bailey
Marshall University
[mentorship] small grant
1996 Jocelyn Lockyer
University of Calgary
Physician use of personalized feedback to make changes in their clinical practice small grant
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